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Please see below the weekly classes running at Ripley C of E School.


You may or may not be aware that in the initial stages when we return in September, we are unable to run dance activities after school at Tormead. We of course understand that this won't be permanent and hopefully the extra curricular provision will be able to be expanded in due course. 


However, exciting news, I will be continuing to run a Modern and Ballet dance timetable at Ripley C of E Primary School on Fridays. Some of you may not know, the school is no longer open and running and therefore is now solely used and managed for dance classes run by myself and Miss Alex. (Please see COVID 19 risk assessment)


The location is no more than 15mins from Tormead School, so an easy journey after collection from school. I really hope you will find this a satisfactory solution to be able to maintain and continue the childrens' dance studies for the initial period of time- and enjoy being back dancing together again!


Provisional Friday Dance Timetable @ Ripley C of E School: (Please note: Classes for Tormead students ONLY)



3.30-4.00 Reception Ballet (Pre-Pri)

4.05-4.35 Year 3 Ballet (G1)

4.40-5.10 Years 1&2 Ballet (Primary)

5.55-6.30 Year 4&5 Ballet (G2)

5.55-6.30 Year 6 Ballet (G3)

5.55-6.30 Years 7&8 Ballet (G3)


4.05-4.35 Year 1&2 Modern (G1)

4.40-5.10 Year 3 Modern (G2)

5.15-5.55 Years 4-6 Modern (G3)

5.00-5.40 Senior School Grade 4 Modern

5.45-6.25 Senior School Grade 5 Modern






3.30-4.10 Year 1&2 Tap Grade 1 

4.15-4.50 Year 3 Tap Grade 1 Exam 

4.50-5.20 Year 4-6 Tap Grade 2

5.25-6.05 Year 8&9 Modern Grade 4/5 


5.25-6.05 Year 7 Grade 4 Modern



3.00-3.30 Reception Ballet Pre Primary

3.55-4.25 Year 1 Ballet Primary

4.40-5.15 Year 2 Ballet Primary

5.15-5.50 Year 3 Ballet Grade 1

3.45-4.30 Year 4 Ballet Grade 1

4.30-5.15 Year 5&6 Grade 2


3.20-3.50 Year 1 Modern Grade 1 

3.55-4.35 Year 2 Modern Grade 1

4.40-5.15 Year 3 Modern Grade 2

5.15-5.50 Year 4&5 Modern Grade 2

5.15-5.50 Year 5&6 Modern Grade 3


The fees for 2018/19 are charged per term. The notice period is a half term and fees are not refunded if a child is unable to attend a class or classes need to be cancelled due to a school event. 

30 minute session £70 per term.

35/40 minute session £80 per term

60 minute session £90 per term

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