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Saturday Theatre Arts Juniors for rising 4-7 year olds takes place on Saturdays mornings 9.30-12.30 at Edgebrough School, Frensham. There are three sessions, each lasting just under one hour. During the session the children experience dance, drama and singing which is a perfect introduction to the performing arts. Even at a young age these activities help to develop both self confidence and self esteem. Our experienced teachers make sure it is fun and engaing for the children. 



The Intermediate and Senior groups are for 8-13 year olds and comprises the three main disciplines of dance, drama and singing.  Sessions take place on Saturdays mornings 9.30-12.30 at Edgeborough School, Frensham. There are three sessions, each lasting just under one hour. Sessions include: vocal and body warm ups, drama improvisations & directed script work, choreographed dance routines, musical theatre group work and vocal tuition including learning harmonies. 

We celebrate the pursuit of excellence training, which encourages, inspires and develops the talent of young performers. 


All groups work towards several performances throughout the year. The children always enjoy showcasing their wonderful talents.

Arts Festival 2014 161
Arts Festival 2014 049
Edited Image 2014-12-18-23:58:36
Revolting Children- Matilda
Arts Festival 2014 165
Favourite Son
Toy Story- Woody
Toy Story- Jessie
Toy Story- Buzz
Toy Story- Barbie Girls
Let's Charleston
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